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2013 Wirtgen WR2000XL

Equipped with 2.4M drum, slope control, scraper blade with beam, HT11 bolt-on holders, 1800 lpm water injection system, dual camera/monitor system.


Model Year
WR 2000 XL


29 ft. 8 in. (9,050 mm)
9 ft. 10 in. (3,000 mm)
9 ft. 10 in. (3,000 mm)
Cutting Width
7 ft. 10 in. (2,400 mm)
Cutting Depth
0 - 20 in. (0 - 500 mm)
54,564 lbs. (24,750 kg)
Ground Clearance
15.75 in. (400 mm)


Engine Make
Engine Model
OM 460 LA
Engine Type
6 straight cylinders
422 hp (315 kW) @ 2,000 rpm
731 ci
Fuel Tank Capacity
237.8 gal. (900 l)
Fuel Consumption
19.8 gal./h (75 l/h) full load
13.2 gal./h (50 l/h) 2/3 load


Front & Rear: 620/75 R26 radial


Other Tools
Number of Tools: 162
Tool Spacing: 0.78 in. (20 mm)
Drum Diameter With Tools: 4 ft. 10 in. (1,480 mm)
Travel Speed
1st: 0 - 66 ft./min. (0 - 20 m/min.)
2nd: 0 - 131 ft./min. (0 - 40 m/min.)
3rd: 0 - 295 ft./min. (0 - 90 m/min.)
4th: 0 - 656 ft./min. (0 - 200 m/min.)

Standard Features

Basic Design
 Cold recycler with mechanically driven milling and mixing rotor and two working directions.  
Machine Frame
 Rigid welded construction with mounts for the individual units and attachments. The water tank is integrated into the chassis. All components are easily accessible for maintenance and servicing.  
 Noise levels are reduced by the standard soundproofing which also protects both the operating personnel and the environment against any nuisance due to noise.  
Operator's Platform
 The operator's platform with seat and control console is located at the front of the machine. The steering wheel can be tilted and adjusted in height. The ergonomic sitting position, low machine design and clear overview allow an easy operation of the machine. The modern control and operating elements are located within easy reach and within the operator's field of vision. The entire platform can be shifted to either side. In addition, the seat console (driver's seat and control consoles) can be infinitely turned by 90° to ensure an optimum overview of the construction site at all times.  
Machine Control CGC (Cockpit Graphic Center)
 All machine functions are controlled or regulated by means of micro-controllers. All control modules are accommodated in an easily accessible control cabinet. The operator has immediate access to data, such as operating hours, oil pressure, engine temperature, engine speed, hydraulic fluid temperature, filling level of the diesel tank, wheel position or travel speed, via the display of the CGC at the operator's platform. If necessary, the integrated Wirtgen information and diagnosis system generates visual and audible alarms. The data and messages, e.g. contamination of hydraulic fluid filter or air filter, are indicated on the display of the CGC at the operator's platform. All inputs for the calibration of the recycler are made via the CGC. The job data can be indicated on the CGC display or printed by means of an operational printer.  
Power Unit
 The machine is driven by a modern, powerful six-cylinder engine. The engine complies with the stringent requirements of the exhaust emission standards stipulated by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA, Tier III) and the EU (Stage III a). It is equipped with a fully electronic engine management system and offers maximum torque stability even at extreme engine loads, thus preventing breaks in operation. An extremely large cooler surface effectively cools the engine and other components, thus allowing the safe operation of the machine even at high outside temperatures. The cooling system is additionally equipped with a fan controller. The fan speed is reduced at low ambient temperatures or low loads, thus reducing the noise emission levels and fuel consumption. All servicing work on the engine can be carried out from the ground.  
Power Control
 The machine is equipped with an automatic power control which governs the advance speed in accordance with the engine load. The power control can be deactivated to allow manual adjustment of the advance speed.  
Milling and Mixing Rotor Drive
 The milling and mixing rotor is driven mechanically by the diesel engine via a mechanical clutch and power belts acting on the planetary gearbox. The power belts are tensioned automatically by means of hydraulic cylinders. Four possible speeds of the milling and mixing rotor ensure optimum working results.  
Milling and Mixing Rotor
 Depending on the machine's working direction, the milling and mixing rotor rotates either against or in the direction of travel.  The milling and mixing rotor is equipped with the HT13 toolholder system as a standard feature. The toolholders are welded onto the rotor body, accommodating the point-attack cutting tools. Special, individually replaceable edge segments are additionally mounted in the rotor's outer zones. Hydraulically adjustable scraper blades in front of and behind the drum ensure good mixing results. The adjusted angle of the crusher bar and / or the scraper blade respectively are indicated on the CGC display.  
Cutting Tool Replacement
 The scraper blade swings open hydraulically, permitting easy access to the milling and mixing rotor for the replacement of cutting tools. The quick-change toolholder system minimizes the time required for the completion of rehabilitation projects to a minimum. A hydraulically operated drum turning device (option) considerably facilitates turning of the milling and mixing rotor during the replacement of cutting tools.   
Milling Depth Control
 The machine is set in transport or working position by means of the four lifting columns. The working depth is adjusted by lowering the milling and mixing rotor. The current working depth is indicated on the CGC display at the operator's platform.  
 The wheels of the WR 2000 XL recycler are connected to the machine frame via four hydraulically height-adjustable cylindrical columns. The machine's current height position can be read on the display and / or stored for subsequent operations. A special feature ensures that all four-wheel brackets are fully balanced in height, allowing convenient off-road driving, as well as precise working during recycling and stabilizing operations.  
Travel Drive
 Each wheel is driven by its own hydraulic motor. The hydraulic motors are fed by a hydraulic variable displacement pump. The four travel speeds can be infinitely varied from zero to maximum working speed in milling and travel gear. A switchable differential lock ensures uniform traction. The advance speed is regulated at the operator's platform.  
Braking Even Under Adverse Conditions
 Braking is achieved by drag from the self-locking hydrostatic transmission. In addition, the wheels can be locked from the operator's platform by means of a multiple-disk parking brake.  
 The WR 2000 XL is equipped with a smooth, hydraulically-wheel steering system. Via a selector switch, the machine operator can choose between three different steering modes ("standard", "crab steering", and "coordinated steering"). The front wheels are steered via the steering wheel, while sensors automatically keep the rear wheels in straight-ahead position. They can, however, also be operated independently of the front wheels via a joystick.  
Hydraulic System
 Independent hydraulic systems for travel drive, setting functions and cooling system. The hydraulic pumps are driven by the diesel engine via a splitter gearbox.  
Electrical System
 24V electrical system with starter, three-phase alternator and two 12V batteries, as well as complete working lights, including two freely positionable lamps with magnetic pedestals.  
Cold Recycling System
 Injection system for water or binding agents with one injection bar (800 l / min.). The injection system consists of a microprocessor-controlled metering unit, an eccentric pump and an injection bar with 16 nozzles and a pushing device. The pump delivers the liquid agent (e.g. water or bitumen emulsion) from a tanker truck to the injection bar. The eccentric worm pump has a maximum delivery rate of 800 l / min. A flow meter monitors the delivered quantities and transfers the data to the microprocessor control, which in turn regulates the addition of binding agent or water in accordance with th pre-selected parameters. An automatic shut-off device enables the individual nozzles to be opened and closed by means of hydraulic cylinders, thus allowing the addition of binding agents to be effectively adapted to the working width. The nozzles are cleaned automatically.  
Injection System for Water With One Injection Bar 
 The injection system consists of a microprocessor-controlled metering unit, a pump, a manual injection bar with 12 nozzles and a pushing device for tanker trucks. The pump delivers water from a tanker truck to the injection bar. The pump has a maximum delivery rate of 1,800 l / min. A flow meter monitors the delivered quantities and passes the data to the control system, which regulates the addition of water in accordance with the pre-selected parameters. The addition of binding agents can be adapted to the working width manually.  
 Water and diesel fuel are filled via large filling ports.  
Safety During Transport
 The machine can be securely lashed onto a low-bed trailer or loaded by crane with the aid of lashing lugs.  
 Driver's seat with control consoles, can be infinitely turned by 90°  
 Control by means of micro-controllers  
 CGC (Cockpit Graphic Center)  
 HT13 toolholder system with 25 mm shaft diameter  
 Cyclonic air filter  
 Working lights (detachable)  
 Warning lights  
 Horn, reversing horn and exterior rear view mirrors  
 Towing device  
 4-wheel steering  
 Loading and lashing lugs  
 Comprehensive tool kit  
 CE label  
 Safety certificate by the Employer's Liability Insurance Association  
 Comprehensive safety package with emergency stop buttons  
 Compressed air system  

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